Children and Hypnotherapy

As well as treating adults, Joy uses the “Blowaway Therapy” for children and teenagers, which is individually tailored for each client. There is a free consultation over the phone where Joy asks questions for the right “Blowaway” tailored therapy for your child.

Children are, mostly, very open to hypnotherapy and, as many of the younger ones have not seen stage hypnosis they have no preconceived ideas about the process. The more fun we can engage in with the younger children the more comfortable and successful the treatment will be. Parents/Carers are welcome to stay with the child. Sessions with children are, on the whole, shorter than those with adults and each session is less structured, with children using their vivid imaginations with ease.

Examples of treatments (some of these are specifically adults and others appropriately children's therapies) include:

Anxiety/Self Esteem, Assertiveness, Behaviour Issues, Being Bullied, Confidence, Emotional well-being, Exam nerves, Fears/Phobias, Grief and Mourning, Guided relaxation, Habit Disorders, Learning and Performance, Nocturnal Enuresis, Obsessive thoughts and Compulsive Actions, Pain Management, Relationship Issues, Separation Anxiety, Sleep Disorders .

These are examples of areas which respond well to hypnotherapy – the list is by no means exhaustive. Please ask about any issue that concerns you.


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